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Local high school participates in Shell Eco Marathon

Yesterday we were present at the revealing of the eco-car to participate in the Shell Eco Marathon in Le Mans. The car has been designed and build by a team from our local high school 5 VWO class from RSG de Borgen in Leek.

They will try and make as many miles possible on 1 liter of compressed natural gas. We wish them a good race and congratulate them with their team effort in building the car.

We were happy to be able to be a small sponsor of this effort. We really want to stimulate students to go and discover technology is great fun. And we need young people to engage technology. No better way to do that by projects like the above.

Off course also the environmental aspect of the race is important. We at MPT Europe also try to minimize our footprint by working with easy to recycle materials (80% of our materials are aluminum) and we generate approx. 70% of our own energy requirements by solar energy panels on our building.

10 fold Balloon Pleater with insert rig for large balloons

10 Fold manual pleater for large balloon folding project

For a large balloon folding project we recently developed a 10 fold pleater. The pleater head opens upto 50 mm opening diameter. The length of this specific pleater was 160 mm and it was designed to make a 10 fold pre-shaped fold.

After discussing the product and talking to the customer on what he exactly needed we came up with a few custom specific modifications.

To aid in the introduction of the product in the pleater we suggested the use of a separate insertion rig that was placed in front of the pleater.

Due to the customer wanting to perform a special production step on the product we decided he would be better of with a pleater that did not have any handling restrictions at the front of the pleater. So we designed it to be like that.

We always design and build on customer order and are able to accommodate your specific needs and wishes in the design. Please contact us to see how we can help with your production challenges!

10 fold Balloon Pleater with insert rig for large balloons

Stent crimping machine

Stent crimping technology

Stent crimping machine for self expandable stents

The latest models of  stent crimping machines developed by MPT Europe BV (based in Leek, the Netherlands) use Compact Head Technology (CHT). With the use of this CHT the stent crimping heads are more stiff then ever. Resulting in an even better diameter control. For self expandable stent applications the stiffness of the head is one of the factors that determines the required pushing forces to get the nitinol stent in it’s delivery system.

The crimping head blades are coated with the special high-wear low-friction coating. The heads have a  unique self-supporting 8 blade zero gap design. That, together with the coatings, causes the stent friction to be very low. Tests show the friction in the crimping head to be comparable to the friction of the nitinol stent in the delivery systems. This results in lower axial forces and lower risks of buckling and damage to the nitinol stent. And that ensures a more reliable assembly process!

The stent crimping machine automatically calibrates to diameter. It also automatically compensates for loading force. These features save a lot of valuable time in the calibration process.

The heads fully close and can optionally be made with heated and/or cooled blades.  Depending on the requirements you can buy the systems with pneumatic or servo controlled (+/- 0.01 mm) heads. The heads can be made in lengths up to 300 mm length.

The heads have by design very little relative motion to the product. That feature helps crimping stents without damaging the surfaces and has proven to be superior to other stent crimping machines.

Foil protected balloon pleating and folding for DEB products

Foil protected balloon pleating and folding

The demands of the FDA regarding DEB (Drug Eluting Balloon) products is getting more and more stringent. To be able to produce DEB in the best way possible MPT Europe BV has developed foil protected balloon pleat and fold systems.

The drug eluting balloon folding systems are offered in manual versions (for the balloon pleating systems), semi-automated (for both balloon pleating and balloon folding)  and fully automated.

Protective foils guarantee a clean surface for every single balloon product being subjected to the process step. It prevents the cross-contamination of products. It also helps in getting more even dosing of the drug due to more repeatable behavior.

Very thin foils (12 micron) minimize the effect of the film thickness on the products. MPT Europe BV has designed a unique foil handling system.  During the foil protected balloon pleating and folding the foil has very little relative motion to the balloon products. This feature results in minimal scraping issues during the balloon pleat and balloon fold steps.

The routing of the foils in the folding head prevents scraping the drug coating from the surfaces when inserted in the pleating and folding heads.

For more information on how we can help you with your drug eluting balloon folding issues contact our sales representatives to discuss.

Medical Production Technology Europe builds equipment exactly to your needs and requirements. Why settle for standard if you can have your balloon pleating and folding solutions tailored to your needs.

Our Europe / Asia  sales contact is Tim Noppert

If you are a USA company please contact our local USA contact Paul Mazelin

Paul Mazelin sales

BT-N3 triple die thermal bonder for catheter production

BT-N3 thermal bonder

The MPT Europe thermal bonder is widely used for thermal bonding of thermoplastic catheter components and balloon catheters. It has proven to be very a reliable and trustworthy thermal bonding system that gives good process control and repeatable bonding results.

The BT-N3 series thermal die bonder has been developed for economical production and for R&D applications. The tool combines accuracy with the functionality of triple bonding cavities in the die set.

The triple cavities allow for three different bonding dimensions to be made without refitting the thermal bonding dies.

A quickly interchangeable unit contains the thermal dies. The unit is placed and removed within seconds. This eases maintenance, and with an additional unit,  makes fast switching between products possible without having to mechanically readjust dies.

BT-N3 thermal bonder

It is now also possible to service the bonding dies without loss of production time.

The tools PLC controller and 10 inch touch panel provide easy use and stable operation. The bonding parameters are set to the pre-programmed recipe values when selecting the active bonding die cavity. The advanced temperature controller keeps the set temperature within close limits.

The tools miniature color camera system integrated into the touch screen aids positioning and inspecting the bonded product. Cross hairs assist the operator in an optimum product alignment.

Below a video demonstrating the BT-N3 triple die thermal die bonder.

Compamed 2016 November 14th-17th Dusseldorf Germany

Medical Production Technology Europe will be present at the Compamed 2016 in Dusseldorf Germany November 14th to 17th.

At this show we gladly discuss how we can help you with your balloon catheter production issues and stent crimping challenges.  Also we will be demonstrating our latest PTF-120 Fully Automated Balloon Folding machine.

The Medical Production Technology Europe stand is located in hall 8B stand at number K09 and is shared with the other MER represented suppliers again.

Please stop by at our booth for a coffee and a talk!


Below a short video on the PTF-120 Balloon Folding machine so you have a preview of the show. This machine has a unique quickly exchangeable balloon pleater module. Due to this design switching from 3 to 5 or 6 balloon folds is very easy.

Implementation of ERP software

ERP Software

To streamline our business and be more effective and efficient for our customers we have decided to start working with a enterprise resource planning software system. This ERP software (RidderIQ) will be used throughout the company. It is used in sales, planning, purchasing, engineering and the workshop.

Medical Production Technology Europe BV makes all machines and equipment for the catheter production and stent crimping in house. This allows us to supply our customers with fast service. It also allows us to have full control on the quality of the machines we make.


ERP software

As the information of all departments (manufacturing, design, purchasing) is now linked it is available for all to see and interact hence giving everybody involved more control

Taking this step will bring benefits to our customers. We are now able to give them even more tailored service.

The system is operational December 1st 2016

Cooled nitinol stent crimper

Cooled nitinol stent crimper

MPT Europe BV recently has developed and build the CR220-CP cooled nitinol stent crimper.

It makes using cold sprays something from the past.

The stent crimper has been designed for crimping nitinol stents and has blades that can be cooled to temperatures of -20 Celsius to cool the nitinol and reduce radial force during insertion. The stent crimping system has its own protective gas environment so to prevent icing of products and stent crimper blades.

This specific stent crimping system uses an pneumatic system for closure of the stent crimping head. A manual adjustable stroke limiter controls the minimum diameter and is easy to adjust. Optional an electrical (servo motor / stepper motor) or manual operation is possible. The servo systems have automatic calibration and force feedback diameter compensation.

The CR-220CP system uses the zero-gap 220 mm long 8 segmented stent crimping mechanism designed and developed by MPT Europe so it is stable and there is no risk of stent struts getting caught between the blades. Optionally stent crimping blades can be longer or shorter (60 mm to 320 mm).

A low-friction high performance coating on the stent crimping blades guarantees a flawless operation over a long time.

Cooled nitinol stent crimper for self expandable stents

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