NEW : Solution for Self-Expandable DES Stent Crimping

When crimping Drug Eluting Stents (DES) there could be an issue with cross contamination. Drug particles from the first stent get onto the second stent. The dose is no longer known or guaranteed. Also, drugs can build up in the system over time and suddenly and unknowingly be transferred to a single stent somewhere in a batch. Stent crimping machines can get polluted with toxic drugs. However used, the machines require extensive cleaning between batches or even between every single product. Time consuming processes that are hard to validate. To solve this issue, foil based systems have been developed.

The issues however remained for Self-Expandable stents as they have a very different requirement to the system with regard to the transfer from crimper head to the delivery system. Until now, the systems that have been available could not cope with self-expandable stents.

MPT Europe BV has further developed their existing foil protected crimping solutions for DES and made it possible to utilize the foil based system with DES products. Due to the unique Four Foil Shielding System and the extremely stable crimp head design, the solution that MPT is now offering allows for crimping and loading Self-Expandable Stents using foil protection!

The systems can be made based on a variety of head lengths (standard sizes are 80 mm and 160 mm) and they all use the MPT-developed Compact Head Technology with an extremely stiff servo controlled crimper head.

The 12 micron foils are routed through the heads and have servo controlled indexing and tensioning. During the crimping process, the foils have very little relative motion to the stent – preventing unwanted drug loss by scraping. The foils are extremely stable and smooth and make sure the stents can be pushed from the crimper head into the delivery system at low forces. After every stent the foils are indexed and the used surfaces are wound onto two waste roller systems – capturing any lost drugs safely between the foils and ensuring a clean working surface for every single stent.

For more information on how this technology can improve your products and production process – call or email our sales team!

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