Balloon forming machine

The Balloon Forming Machine (BFM-500-S2) is the second machine in a range of balloon forming machines that has been developed by MPT Europe BV and has full servo control on the proximal and distal axis. This allows for precise and fast stretching of the parisons during the balloon blowing process. The axis have force control and individual loadcell systems allowing forces to be monitored and used as control parameters during the process.

Innovations on heating systems provide a much faster and even heating of the parison materials, allowing for shorter cycle times, thus increasing production capacity.

For the first time ever a balloon machine is available were you can actively control the pressure drop during the balloon blowing process. This provides a significant control handle to the blowing process and allows for more optimization of your balloons.

Another high impact design optimazion step has been made in the process control software with the Flexible Process Interface (FPI).

This FPI allows for a virtual limitless process control enviroment. Every process cycle you desire or will desire in the future can easily be composed by yourselves. Furthermore the revolutionar but simple way of representing the process ensures you always know what is happening , what is going to happen and why it is happening. Additional software tools are available for developing processes off-line on your desktop computer.

Graphic representation of the measured values (pressures, strokes, forces) can be selected to be shown on screen during the process for the operators or engineers to monitor the process and interpet the beaviour of the balloon beeing blown.

Optionally the system can be fitted with an internal pressure booster system allowing for a 50 bar balloon blowing pressure to be available to the process. This without the need for working with nitrogen networks or bottles. The very silent pressurizing system (will be reducing your Cost Of Ownership significantly and reduce the logistics around replacing empty nitrogen bottles. All you need is a 7 bar compressed air supply to operate the machine (with air-drier)

Off course the machine has full data logging capabilities and is receipe controlled. Barcode scanners can be utilized.

The high quality build ensures repeatability in the process parameters and guarantees a long lifespan of the machine with low cost of ownership.

Technical Specification BFM-500-S2 Balloon Forming Machine

Stretch force500N max
Stretch speed250 mm/s max (servo controlled)
Stretch acceleration2000 mm/s2
Stretch length495 mm proximal and 500 mm distal
ClampingSelf aligning high force distal and proximal clamps
Inflation pressures1-50 bar max +/- 0.2%
Pressure controlActive Pressure Drop Control (APDC)
Temperature20-200C +/- 0.5C
Preheat systemProximal and mold preheating system
Mold diametermax 50 mm
Block lengths80,120,160,200 other sizes possible
GUI19.5” color touch panel
Control software

Flexible Process Interface (FPI)

Zoomable process graphs with process markers

Recipe based

Password levels (operator, engineer, calibrator)

External FPI software availble for off-line development

Remote support option

IndicatorsOptional signal light / accoustic alarm (user programmable)
Required air pressure7 bar minimum (pre-dried in case of integrated pressure boosting system)
N2 systemUsing external N2 system (bottles or factory line) / optional high-pressure generator system require 7 bar feed pressure with internal 1L high pressure buffer vessel
Power supply115 or 240VAC / 2kW
Cooling circuitCooler with 5L resevoir + temperature and level detection
Safety systemsLight curtain with intuative operator feedback