Balloon pleating technology for Drug Eluting Balloons

An easy solution for DEB pleating

MPT Europe BV has developed DEB balloon pleating technology for pleating your drug eluting balloons. One of the common issues with DEB balloon pleating is the scraping of the balloon to the pleating system during insertion. We have solved that issue by using a rig that ensures a centered feeding of the balloon in the pleaters.

The rig is universal and is used with different types and sizes of pleaters (3, 5 or 6 fold, length from 50 to 300 mm).

The balloon pleaters themselves are engineered to be cleaned easily and they withstand submerging in liquids. All to prevent batch or product cross contamination.

The manual balloon pleaters are easy to use and give superb folds.

If you like to have more information on our balloon pleating and balloon folding systems contact our sales representatives. For Europe and Asia you can contact Tim Noppert. For the USA  contact our local representative Paul Mazelin.


Manual balloon pleater for DEB products

Manual balloon pleater for DEB products

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