New Balloon Forming Equipment Presented

MPT Europe BV (based in Leek, the Netherlands) is proud to present its most recent designs for the Medical Industry in the form of a new Balloon Forming Machine (BFM-500-S) and a new Parison Stretching Machine with Split Die Technology (PSM-400-SD).

Both machines are built according to the MPT high level of quality standards and have been developed listening closely to customers experiences. The designs incorporate innovations that increase capacity and allow for more control on the processes to produce better products.

The BFM-500-S Balloon Forming Machine

The machine is first in a range of balloon forming machines that is being developed by MPT Europe BV and has full servo control on the proximal and distal axis. This allows for precise and fast stretching of the parisons during the balloon blowing process. The axis have force control and individual loadcell systems allowing forces to be monitored and used as control parameters during the process.

BFM-500-S-Balloon Forming Machine

Innovation on heating systems provide a much faster and even heating of the parison materials, allowing for shorter cycle times, thus increasing production capacity.

For the first time ever a balloon machine is available were you can control the pressure drop during the balloon blowing process. This Active Pressure Drop Control (APDC) provides a significant control handle to the blowing process and allows for more optimization of your balloons.

A high impact design optimazion step has been made in the process control software with the Flexible Process Interface (FPI).

This FPI allows for a virtual limitless process control. Every process cycle you desire or will desire in the future can easily be composed by yourselves. Furthermore the revolutionar but simple way of representing the process ensures you always know what is happening , what is going to happen and why it is happening. Additional software tools are available for developing processes off-line on your desktop computer.

The machine has full data logging capabilities and is receipe controlled. Barcode scanners can be utilized.

The high quality built ensures repeatability in the process parameters and guarantees a long lifespan of the machine combined with a low cost of ownership.

The PSM-400-SD Parison Stretching Machine

Parison stretching is an integral part of balloon forming. So MPT Europe BV has put its innovative design capability to built and design the perfect parison stretching machine.

The PSM-400-SD is the result of this design effort and provides a parison die stretching machine that has innovations to give optimal stretching results without some of the drawbacks of the current available machines.

The machine is full servo controlled and can strech parison materials with forces upto 500N. A accurate and easy to control sensor system allows for a well defined secondary stretch and thus repeatable parisons. All parameters are recipe controlled.

Parison Stretching Machine PSM-400-S

To round it all off the machine is of very high built quality and combined with the MPT Europe BV general design philosophy the PSM-400-SD is the perfect solution for your parison forming demands.

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Friday Fun in the Toolroom at MPT Europe BV

At MPT Europe BV we built the machines we design for the medical industry completely in house. For that we have an well equipped toolroom available with CNC machines for milling (Haas), turning, grinding (Jung)  and wire-EDM (Sodick).

We always try to optimize production to be able to shorten lead times and produce better products. This video shows the use of the latest types of tools with one of our mills. A little Friday afternoon experiment that proved the tools were perfectly suited for our use!

NEW : Solution for Self-Expandable DES Stent Crimping

When crimping Drug Eluting Stents (DES) there could be an issue with cross contamination. Drug particles from the first stent get onto the second stent. The dose is no longer known or guaranteed. Also, drugs can build up in the system over time and suddenly and unknowingly be transferred to a single stent somewhere in a batch. Stent crimping machines can get polluted with toxic drugs. However used, the machines require extensive cleaning between batches or even between every single product. Time consuming processes that are hard to validate. To solve this issue, foil based systems have been developed.

The issues however remained for Self-Expandable stents as they have a very different requirement to the system with regard to the transfer from crimper head to the delivery system. Until now, the systems that have been available could not cope with self-expandable stents.

MPT Europe BV has further developed their existing foil protected crimping solutions for DES and made it possible to utilize the foil based system with DES products. Due to the unique Four Foil Shielding System and the extremely stable crimp head design, the solution that MPT is now offering allows for crimping and loading Self-Expandable Stents using foil protection!

The systems can be made based on a variety of head lengths (standard sizes are 80 mm and 160 mm) and they all use the MPT-developed Compact Head Technology with an extremely stiff servo controlled crimper head.

The 12 micron foils are routed through the heads and have servo controlled indexing and tensioning. During the crimping process, the foils have very little relative motion to the stent – preventing unwanted drug loss by scraping. The foils are extremely stable and smooth and make sure the stents can be pushed from the crimper head into the delivery system at low forces. After every stent the foils are indexed and the used surfaces are wound onto two waste roller systems – capturing any lost drugs safely between the foils and ensuring a clean working surface for every single stent.

For more information on how this technology can improve your products and production process – call or email our sales team!

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MPT Europe BV at Compamed November 13th to 16th 2017 hall 8B-K09

Medical Production Technology Europe BV will be present at the Compamed / Medica show this year in Dusseldorf Germany.

You can find us in hall 8B at booth K09 were we will be exhibiting our CR-150 stentcrimping machine for self expandable stents. We also will bring our PTF-120 automatic balloon pleating and folding machine to the show as well as a BT-N thermal bonding system.

Please come by to dicuss your exact needs. At the same time you can have coffee and a look at these high quality production machines and we can talk about how these machines can help you in your production environment. Or how we can modify and adjust them to fit your exact requirements.

New Balloon Pleat & Fold Machine added to the PTF series machines : PTF-240-M


PTF-240-M Balloon Pleat and Fold Machine with manual product transfer action and dual inflation/deflation


Medical Production Technology Europe BV today presents the PTF-240-M Balloon Pleat & Fold machine. This machine has a 240 mm long servo-pneumatic pleating unit and a 240 mm long servo controlled fold unit with force and position control. The pleaters can be quickly exchanged (typical exchange time for this design-series is 10 seconds) and the machine can accommodate 3,4,5 or 6 fold pleaters. The pleaters and zero-gap fold head can optionally be heated to 85C max.

The PTF-240-M has manual product handling. The product is positioned and moved between the pleat and fold position by the operator. The machine has two inflation/deflation ports allowing for a secondary process either in between the pleat and fold step or after the fold step, without using too much production time. The PTF-240-M is an addition to the earlier presented fully automated systems (PTF-120) and the systems with product tensioning (PTF-240-T)

As with all the Medical Production Technology Europe BV machines this new Balloon Peat & Fold machine is built with a very high quality standard and is easy to use and maintain.

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PTF-240-T Balloon pleat & fold machine with pre-tensioning system

Medical Production Technology Europe today presented the PTF-240-T machine.

This automatic pleat and fold machine has been developed for long balloon products (upto 220 mm balloons can be processed). The machine has internal tensioning systems to keep the product tensioned while the balloons are pleated and folded. Doing this ensures the inner bodies are not caught in the pleater heads during the pleating action. And super crisp pleats are the result!

The machine has quick interchangeable pleater heads (typically pleaters are changed in 10 seconds) and a servo controlled folding head. The machine can be equipped with 3,4,5 or 6 pleat pleaterheads.

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Medical Production Technology at the Galway racecourse

Medical Production Technology Europe BV will be present at the Medical Technology Ireland exhibition at the Galway Racecourse September 27th and 28th 2017.

We will have the new PTF-120 balloon pleating and folding machine on display. This fully automated balloon pleating and folding machine has some interesting innovations. It allows swapping balloon pleating heads in as little as 10 seconds! Allowing fast changeover over balloon product types and number of folds.

Please stop by at our booth (18C) to have a look for yourselves!

Galway Medical Technology Exhibition

Improving Customer Product Quality through Innovative Technology

We recently delivered a CR-150 Stent Crimping Machine to one of our customers. Their product is a self-expanding nitinol stent with a very fragile outer layer. One of the system requirements is that this outer layer may not be damaged while being loaded into the delivery system.

The CR-150 Stent Crimping Machine is equipped with MPT Europe’s stent crimping head design: a zero gap design that is unique in its stiffness and rigidity. It also incorporates a low friction, high wear resistant coating that ensures minimal drag on the stent surfaces.

Testing has shown the friction in the crimping head to be equal to or lower as the friction in the delivery systems that were used. This ensures that stents are loaded without damaging the fragile outer layer.

Customer testing during the Acceptance Stage of the CR-150 machine illustrated that the forces required to place the stent in the delivery system were significantly lower as the forces of their current machines (which were not built by MPT Europe).

Additionally, it became evident that the deployment forces of the stents were greatly impacted by the new stent crimping machine. The deployment forces were reduced to half or even one third of the original deployment forces, and they were now well below the maximum allowable values.

These aspects prove the superior friction reduction and dimensional stability of MPT Europe’s Crimping Head. By using the new CR-150 machine, the customer’s product quality improved significantly.

Thanks to the lower forces the stent are subjected to the amount of rejects significantly dropped. Finally, as a result of automatic stent loading, single stroke crimping action, and proper machine ergonomics the processing time was also significantly reduced.

The new CR-150 machine opens the door to new product developments and enables customers to design and manufacture products that they could not previously handle.


CR-150 Stent Crimper Medical Production Technology Europe

Local high school participates in Shell Eco Marathon

Yesterday we were present at the revealing of the eco-car to participate in the Shell Eco Marathon in Le Mans. The car has been designed and build by a team from our local high school 5 VWO class from RSG de Borgen in Leek.

They will try and make as many miles possible on 1 liter of compressed natural gas. We wish them a good race and congratulate them with their team effort in building the car.

We were happy to be able to be a small sponsor of this effort. We really want to stimulate students to go and discover technology is great fun. And we need young people to engage technology. No better way to do that by projects like the above.

Off course also the environmental aspect of the race is important. We at MPT Europe also try to minimize our footprint by working with easy to recycle materials (80% of our materials are aluminum) and we generate approx. 70% of our own energy requirements by solar energy panels on our building.

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