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Split mold balloon forming machine BFMS-500-S2

MPT Europe BV proudly presents their latest development in balloon forming. The BFMS-500-S2 Split Mold balloon forming machine. This machine is fitted with the very much liked Flexible Process Interface allowing the user to program endless optimizations and variations without the need for software upgrades and is designed as a split mold machine.

The molds are, as is typical for any MPT Europe BV machine design, fast exchangeable, and the cool/heat blocks can be fully automatically loaded and unloaded. Without the need for any tooling and within 10 seconds. The machine design is as always very stable resulting in a repeatable and high-yield process.

All experiences of the previous machines and the 25 year experience of a versatile and enthusiastic design team has led to this machine being a great solution for your balloon forming challenges.

For more information please contact us to discuss the options for your specific application.


Flexible Stent Crimping Platform CR-240-FSCP

With this FSCP platform we have created a machine that enables the R&D engineers to develop an accurate stent crimping process and perform all sorts of stent crimping testing.

The base of the machine is the MPT Europe BV zero-gap stent crimping head. This reliable, stiff and accurate stent crimping head is servo controlled.

Furthermore the machine has two working platforms available at either side of the crimping head, that allow for user-specific modules. Pneumatic and digital IO are available on each platform. The platforms themselves have integrated loadcell systems to measure pulling and pushing forces accurately. All pneumatics can be controlled by easily accessible pressure and flow reducing valves.

All functions and motions are controlled with the unique Flexible Process Interface (FPI) interface. This FPI interface, that was originally developed for the MPT Europe BV Balloon Forming Machine BFM-500-S, has proven to be so good that it was requested to be utilized in more applications to provide ultimate flexibility in development of process cycles.

As always with the MPT Europe BV machines the level of quality is very high and designed to be low maintenance.

Software innovations to make better medical balloons

In 2018 Medical Production Technology Europe BV has introduced their BFM-500-S balloon forming machine. This machine has innovations helping the medical balloon manufacturers making better balloons, by allowing more process control with for example the Active Pressure Drop Control (APDC), as well as speed up the balloon forming process significantly, thus creating more balloons in a shorter time and be more economical.

The largest innovation however is found in the controlling software, and goes by the name of Flexible Process Interface (FPI).

This is an advanced control software interface, that was especially developed for this machine, to outperform existing machines on their control level, and create better products faster.

The old way……contraints and risks

Conventional balloon forming machines are programmed by the user by activating or deactivating certain programmed functions implemented by the machine manufacturer, and by changing the parameter values of these functions. The basic behavior of the conventional machines are pretty much pre-determined and hard-coded in the machines.

This makes that the user, the balloon forming expert, is constraint by the possibilities, thought of by the machine developer and software coder. Who do not necessarily fully understand all the requirements of the balloon forming process for any specific balloon design.

Changing the software of conventional machines to implement user wishes and additional user requirements is a risk. It can easily create software maintenance and version issues, and bugs can be introduced without knowing because of the unforeseen impact of changes to the software. Basically every such a change would require a full (and expensive) software validation. A secondary risk is the support required from the manufacturer to implement these changes. Sometimes it takes a while or resources are simply not available (any more).

The new approach……flexibility and process ownership

The FPI allows the users to have full control at process cycle level. Building blocks are made available to graphically drag and drop a process. Like one would do on a sheet of paper. With intuitive status indications and parameter entry.

This means the balloon forming process is fully owned by the balloon blowing expert. And the expert can decide what to do or not to do. But always in a safe manner without risk of physical harm to operators or the machine.

The FPI will always check the process for impossibilities and logical issues. All of the functions are guarded by the FPI and the program will simply not run when not safe or physically possible. Not leaving the user in the dark on the cause of not running, but clearly showing, with graphics and text, were a modification is required to get things going again.

Years of machine building and software coding experience have made it possible for Medical Production Technology Europe BV to develop the FPI. The feedback of the users so far make us proud of the result and we are convinced this is the way to program your balloon forming machine.

It is now up to you, create your perfect balloon.

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3D printing capability added

MPT Europe BV has a well-equipped toolroom with modern CNC machines. In this toolroom we fabricate all the parts used in the machines we design an built for the medical industry. Doing so gives us the high quality levels we desire, and enables us to quickly modify and change designs. And provides us with the possibility to provide excellent service having full control.

Amongst the available technologies are wire-EDM, CNC grinding , CNC milling and CNC turning and laser cutting and engraving (both CO2 and fiber).

Now we also have the possibility for 3D printing components as we invested in a 3D FDM printer (Ultimaker S5)  allowing us to print both prototype parts & functional parts from a large variety of materials.

We have started working with this new technology already for our prototype equipment, allowing us to have yet another way of making parts. Soon you might find 3D printed components integrated in your machine!

Is it a bird ? Is it a plane ? It’s FPI !

The production machines of today contain lots of software. At Medical Production Technology Europe BV we develop all this software ourselves. And have always done so.

Over time we have developed extensive libraries of code that are beeing (re)used in the machines we develop and build. Having these blocks of code readily available enables us to quickly construct bug free software for our new machines.

The thoroughly tested building blocks are selected and tied all together into the base structure for a new machine. We then tailor the software to your exact needs.

There are blocks allowing access over TeamViewer providing remote support to all our machines. Other blocks control the servo motions, regulate the temperatures and maintain the recipes.

A very innovative block we offer on our more advanced machines (balloon forming & stent crimping equipment) is the Flexible Process Interface (FPI). This block allows you to define your own process by tying the available process blocks together in any cycle you can imagen.

This new and innovative method of programming your production machine provides you with unlimited process cycle options. Only the physical impossible is safeguarded by the software. Your creativity in process definition is not restricted by the code. And it works as easy as writing a flowchart on a piece of paper!

And as a secondary benefit you are the sole process owner. Your ideas do not have to be shared to be able to realize them.

FPI gives you control. Now get creative!


Medical Production Technology Europe BV had its first solar panel array placed in 2014. That initially covered about 70% of the total energy consumption. As the company is growing, and new CNC machines were added to the workshop, the total energy consumption went up and the energy self sufficiency went down.

For the MPT team sustainability is very important. Hence it was decided to invest in placing more (+58%) – and more efficient (+38%) – solar panels on the MPT Europe BV building.  

By November 1st 2019 we will be covering 104% of our daily energy consumption with our own solar panels.

In addition we have decided to place a charging point for electric cars (allowing 11kW/16A charging) so also those who visit us can come to us in a sustainable manner without worrying about the home journey!