Cooled nitinol stent crimper

Cooled nitinol stent crimper

MPT Europe BV recently has developed and build the CR220-CP cooled nitinol stent crimper.

It makes using cold sprays something from the past.

The stent crimper has been designed for crimping nitinol stents and has blades that can be cooled to temperatures of -20 Celsius to cool the nitinol and reduce radial force during insertion. The stent crimping system has its own protective gas environment so to prevent icing of products and stent crimper blades.

This specific stent crimping system uses an pneumatic system for closure of the stent crimping head. A manual adjustable stroke limiter controls the minimum diameter and is easy to adjust. Optional an electrical (servo motor / stepper motor) or manual operation is possible. The servo systems have automatic calibration and force feedback diameter compensation.

The CR-220CP system uses the zero-gap 220 mm long 8 segmented stent crimping mechanism designed and developed by MPT Europe so it is stable and there is no risk of stent struts getting caught between the blades. Optionally stent crimping blades can be longer or shorter (60 mm to 320 mm).

A low-friction high performance coating on the stent crimping blades guarantees a flawless operation over a long time.

Cooled nitinol stent crimper for self expandable stents

Cooled nitinol stent crimper for self expandable stents

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