The CR-60-HC crimper is a crimper developed for crimping biopolymer stents on balloon catheters.

The system can both heat and cool the stents and has an internal inflation / deflatiom system for optimum stent embedding. This results in high retension forces.

The system is diameter controlled and the products are loaded into the system using a unique product alignment system that allows alignment with the final catheter product outside the crimper head.

The blades are 60 mm long and the maximum opening of the system is 20 mm. It can fully close. Using the unique MPT Europe BV stent crimping technology a big advantage to processing biopolymer stents is the minium relative motion the system has. This puts minimal stresses on the product during the crimping actions.

Technical Specification Stent Crimping CR-60-HC for Biopolymer Stents
Stent crimping length60 mm
Stent typeBiopolymer stents
Maximum crimper diameter20 mm
Cooling & Heating8C – 80C process programmable
Maximum crimping force300N radial
Diameter accuracy+/- 0.02 mm @ 100N
Crimp speed0.1 – 10 mm /s
Catheter inflation/deflationIntegrated 6 bar / -0.8 bar
Stent loadingWith external product alignment and manual transfer
GUI4.5” color touch panel
Control softwareRecipe based


Password levels (operator, engineer, calibrator)

Remote support option

Required airpressure7 bar minium
Power supply115 or 240VAC / 0.8kW

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