• Production machines for balloon catheters and stents
    MPT has a standard range of tooling, including thermal bonding tools, balloon pleating machines and balloon folding machines, stent crimping machines, radial force measurement equipment (hoop...
  • In house tool room
    Manufacturing Capabilities
    Everything we invent needs to be manufactured and to minimise time scales and maximise efficiency we make it all ourselves in house. Our manufacturing facility has...
  • Assembly of stent crimper machine
    Assembling of medical production machines
    The final assembly determines the result. We are very much aware of this and in every step of our products manufacture.
  • Solar Array
    For the MPT team sustainability is very important. Hence it was decided to invest in placing more (+58%) – and more efficient (+38%) – solar panels...
  • Software coding at MPT europe
    Software Design & Validation Support
    Software is everywhere. We can not do without it anymore. But software can also have a huge impact on project costs and timeframes. The multi-disciplinary approach...
  • Custom machine with 6 axis robot
    Custom Machine Design for the Medical Industry
    MPT Europe BV can help you when you are looking for a custom solution for your production problem.
  • CR-60-HC stent crimper for biodegradable stents
    Stent Crimper for Biopolymers CR-60-HC
    The CR-60-HC crimper is a crimper developed for crimping biopolymer stents on balloon catheters. The system can both heat and cool the stents and has an internal...