The BT-NG thermal bonder is the latest development in bonder technology developed by MPT Europe BV. 

The bonder has a large number of new features and (in the BT-NG-2 version) is capable of bonding two products simultaniously with weld individual temperature control.

The system is fitted with fast exchange die units with fully automatic plug in functionallity for the electrical and pneumatic connection.

An onboard lightsource make sure the built in color cameras perfectly visualize the product you want to weld. The recipe controlled crosshairs can easiliy be manipulated on the 10″touchscreen and they can be set to a variaty of colors.

The exchange unit is positioned using a stepper motor allowing for extremely easy alignment of the dies in respect to the product.

Optional axial compression modules can be mounted on either side of the die module.

This machine incorporates all our bonding technology in an ergonomic and high quality machine. Providing you with the stability and reliability to develop a good process.

Technical Specification 
BT-NG Termal bonder
Die system2 split dies with quick exchange units
Number of die cavitiesMax. 6 with recipe controlled positioning
Maximum weld temperature 260C per die individual adjustable
Product handling

Product fixed with exchangable inlays.

Optional axial compression units

Optional 2 products simultanious processing

Product alignmentOptical with the aid of color camera and crosshairs
GUI10” color touch panel
Control software

Recipe based

Password levels (operator, engineer, calibrator)

Remote support option

Required airpressure7 bar
Power supply115 -240VAC / 0.5kW