Foil protected balloon pleating and folding for DEB products

Foil protected balloon pleating and folding

The demands of the FDA regarding DEB (Drug Eluting Balloon) products is getting more and more stringent. To be able to produce DEB in the best way possible MPT Europe BV has developed foil protected balloon pleat and fold systems.

The drug eluting balloon folding systems are offered in manual versions (for the balloon pleating systems), semi-automated (for both balloon pleating and balloon folding)  and fully automated.

Protective foils guarantee a clean surface for every single balloon product being subjected to the process step. It prevents the cross-contamination of products. It also helps in getting more even dosing of the drug due to more repeatable behavior.

Very thin foils (12 micron) minimize the effect of the film thickness on the products. MPT Europe BV has designed a unique foil handling system.  During the foil protected balloon pleating and folding the foil has very little relative motion to the balloon products. This feature results in minimal scraping issues during the balloon pleat and balloon fold steps.

The routing of the foils in the folding head prevents scraping the drug coating from the surfaces when inserted in the pleating and folding heads.

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Medical Production Technology Europe builds equipment exactly to your needs and requirements. Why settle for standard if you can have your balloon pleating and folding solutions tailored to your needs.

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