Balloon folding machine

Fully automated balloon pleating & balloon folding machine

Balloon pleating and folding

MPT Europe BV has extended their already broad range of balloon pleat and fold machines with their new PTF balloon pleating and folding machine.

This machine is a fully automated balloon pleating and folding machine and it has exchangeable pleating modules. Optionally these pleating modules can be heated so you can heatset the pleats. The balloon pleating and folding machines are available for  for catheter balloons ranging from 10 to 300 mm. For the processing of the longer balloons you can add optional tension systems.

The PTF-120 has been developed for catheter balloons up to 100 mm working length.

The machine has a very fast system for exchanging the balloon pleating modules (3,4,5 or 6 fold is possible) were the electrical connections are made automatically.

The balloon folding head uses the zero-gap MPT Europe BV designed technology and provides both diameter and force control. You can choose from servo or stepper motor activation of the folding head. High folding forces are possible.

A fast and accurate positioning system transports the product reliably from operator to balloon pleating and balloon folding head.

The machine has a uniquely designed product clamp system so can handle both balloon components as finished balloon catheter product without any modifications.

For more information on this machine you can contact our sales representatives for the USA (Paul Mazelin) or Europe/Asia (Tim Noppert).

The video below shows the modular balloon pleating head exchange process. It is fast and easy.




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