Implementation of ERP software

Enterprice Resource Planning Software

To streamline our business and be more effective and efficient for our customers we have decided to start working with a enterprise resource planning software system. This ERP software (RidderIQ) will be used throughout the company. It is used in sales, planning, purchasing, engineering and the workshop.

Medical Production Technology Europe BV makes all machines and equipment for the catheter production and stent crimping in house. This allows us to supply our customers with fast service. It also allows us to have full control on the quality of the machines we make.

Every component in a machine build can be easily identified as every part is laser engraved with its article number or drawing number.  And every article number is in our new system. We do not need to look for drawings anymore. We can reproduce immediately.


ERP software RidderIQ

ERP software

Taking this step will bring benefits to our customers. We are now able to give them even more tailored service.

The system is operational December 1st 2016

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