Improving Customer Product Quality through Innovative Technology

We recently delivered a CR-150 Stent Crimping Machine to one of our customers. Their product is a self-expanding nitinol stent with a very fragile outer layer. One of the system requirements is that this outer layer may not be damaged while being loaded into the delivery system.

The CR-150 Stent Crimping Machine is equipped with MPT Europe’s stent crimping head design: a zero gap design that is unique in its stiffness and rigidity. It also incorporates a low friction, high wear resistant coating that ensures minimal drag on the stent surfaces.

Testing has shown the friction in the crimping head to be equal to or lower as the friction in the delivery systems that were used. This ensures that stents are loaded without damaging the fragile outer layer.

Customer testing during the Acceptance Stage of the CR-150 machine illustrated that the forces required to place the stent in the delivery system were significantly lower as the forces of their current machines (which were not built by MPT Europe).

Additionally, it became evident that the deployment forces of the stents were greatly impacted by the new stent crimping machine. The deployment forces were reduced to half or even one third of the original deployment forces, and they were now well below the maximum allowable values.

These aspects prove the superior friction reduction and dimensional stability of MPT Europe’s Crimping Head. By using the new CR-150 machine, the customer’s product quality improved significantly.

Thanks to the lower forces the stent are subjected to the amount of rejects significantly dropped. Finally, as a result of automatic stent loading, single stroke crimping action, and proper machine ergonomics the processing time was also significantly reduced.

The new CR-150 machine opens the door to new product developments and enables customers to design and manufacture products that they could not previously handle.


CR-150 Stent Crimper Medical Production Technology Europe

CR-150 Stent Crimper Medical Production Technology Europe

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