Is it a bird ? Is it a plane ? It’s FPI !

The production machines of today contain lots of software. At Medical Production Technology Europe BV we develop all this software ourselves. And have always done so.

Over time we have developed extensive libraries of code that are beeing (re)used in the machines we develop and build. Having these blocks of code readily available enables us to quickly construct bug free software for our new machines.

The thoroughly tested building blocks are selected and tied all together into the base structure for a new machine. We then tailor the software to your exact needs.

There are blocks allowing access over TeamViewer providing remote support to all our machines. Other blocks control the servo motions, regulate the temperatures and maintain the recipes.

A very innovative block we offer on our more advanced machines (balloon forming & stent crimping equipment) is the Flexible Process Interface (FPI). This block allows you to define your own process by tying the available process blocks together in any cycle you can imagen.

This new and innovative method of programming your production machine provides you with unlimited process cycle options. Only the physical impossible is safeguarded by the software. Your creativity in process definition is not restricted by the code. And it works as easy as writing a flowchart on a piece of paper!

And as a secondary benefit you are the sole process owner. Your ideas do not have to be shared to be able to realize them.

FPI gives you control. Now get creative!