Everything we invent needs to be manufactured. And to minimize lead times and maximize efficiency we make it all ourselves in house.

Our manufacturing facility has a fully equipped toolroom complete with CNC mills and lathes as well as wire EDM, CNC grinding, laser cutting and engraving equipment. We also have a wide range of more conventional manufacturing processes in house.

Using sophisticated Enterprice Resource Planning in combination with Computer Aided Manufacturing systems (OneCNC) we efficiently and with tracebility produce every component that we design to be part of our machines.

The highly skilled and proud workers of this tool room make our ideas into machines. We can make what we invent.

Toolroom with CNC and conventional machines

CNC Mill : Haas VF-2-YT

CNC Mill : Haas VF-2-SS  with 4th axis

CNC Mill : Haas VM-3

CNC Mill : Haas VF-3SS with 4 & 5 axis

CNC Lathe : Haas ST-10

Wire EDM : Sodick VZ 300L

EDM drilling : AgieCharmille DRILL 20

CNC Grinding : JUNG J525E

Laser Marking & Cutting : Trotec Speedy 400 Flexx

3D printing  : Ultimaker S5