PSM-400-SD Parison Stretching Machine

Parison stretching is an integral part of balloon blowing. So MPT Europe BV has put its innovative design efforts to built and design the perfect perison stretching machine.

The PSM-400-SD is the result of this design effort and provides a parison die stretching machine that gives optimal stretching results without some of the drawbacks of the current available machines.

The machine is fully servo controlled and can strech parisons with forces upto 500N. An accurate and easy to control sensor system allows for a well defined secondary stretch and thus repeatable parisons. All parameters are recipe controlled.


Parison Stretching Machine

An innovative preheating system ensures the stretching dies do not damage the parison material prior or during the stretching in any way. This aswell prevents polution of the streching dies preventing down-time on the production lines. The stretching dies themselves can easily be removed and replaced for different dimension dies. The highly polished dies can be quickly made at your specific dimensional requests.

To round it all off the machine is of very high built quality and combined with the MPT Europe BV well thought trough general design it is the perfect solution for your parison forming demands.

The machine can also be delivered as a PSM-500-SD (additional 100 mm stroke)

Technical Specification PSM-400-SD & PSM-500-SD
Stretch technology Heated split-die drawing principle
Split-die material Stainless toolsteel / high polished die cavity
Maximum tube diameter 6.5 mm (optional largers parisons are possible)
Minimum parison formed length 7 mm (when using the transition detection sensor)
Maximum parison formed length 80 mm (when using the transition detection sensor)
Stetch force 500N max
Stretch speed 25 mm/s max (servo controlled)
Stretch acceleration 2000 mm/s2
Stretch length 400 mm max (=500 mm on PSM-500-SD)
Clamping Self aligning clamp
Stretch Temperature 20-220C +/- 0.5C
Preheat system 20-220C +/- 0.5C with adjustable time and strokes
GUI 10” color touch panel
Control software Recipe based

Password levels (operator, engineer, calibrator)

Remote support option

Ethernet 2x
USB 4x
Required air pressure 7 bar minimum
Power supply 110-240VAC / 0.8kW

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