The BT-N2X thermal bonder is a modified version of the BT-N serie machines produced by MPT Europe BV.

The system has two dies with each 1 cavity. This enables fast switching between two different welds without having to wait for the die to cool or heat. The two dies can have different temperatures and are individually heated and controlled.

A knob at the front of the machine allows for the operator to select the weld cavity.

Automatically all parameters are changed to match the settings for the selected cavity.

The system has a standard 10″ touchpanel user interface and color camera with crosshair alignment.

Split die thermal bonding machine for catheter products

Split die thermal bonding machine for catheter products

Technical Specification manual BT-N2X
Die system 2 split dies with quick exchange units
Number of die cavities Max. 2
Maximum weld temperature 220C (optional 260C) individual adjustable
Product handling Product fixed on product table with exchangable inlays
Product alignment Optical with the aid of color camera and crosshairs
GUI 10” color touch panel
Control software Recipe based

Password levels (operator, engineer, calibrator)

Remote support option

Required airpressure 7 bar
Power supply 115 -240VAC / 0.5kW

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