Medical Production Technology Europe BV has recently added another stent crimping machine to its portfolio. This CR-240-FSCP machine has been developed to function as a Flexible Stent Crimping Platform with a 240 mm long stent crimping unit.

With this FSCP platform we have created a machine that enables the R&D engineers to develop an accurate stent crimping process and perform all sorts of stent crimping testing. It can process all sorts of stents (non-DES) and can be equipped with heated or cooled crimper blades.

Flexible stent crimping platform

Flexible stent crimping platform

The base of the machine is the MPT Europe BV zero-gap stent crimping head. This reliable, stiff and accurate stent crimping head is servo controlled.

Furthermore the machine has two working platforms available at either side of the crimping head, that allow for user-specific modules. Pneumatic and digital IO are available on each platform. The platforms themselves have integrated loadcell systems to measure pulling and pushing forces accurately. All pneumatics can be controlled by easily accessible pressure and flow reducing valves.

All functions and motions are controlled with the unique Flexible Process Interface (FPI). This FPI, that was originally developed for the MPT Europe BV Balloon Forming Machine BFM-500-S, has proven to be so good that it was requested to be utilized in more applications to provide ultimate flexibility in development of process cycles.

As always with the MPT Europe BV machines the level of quality is very high and designed to be low maintenance.


Technical Specification


Stent crimping length  240 mm
Stent type (Self expandable) stents (non-DES)
Maximum crimper diameter 35 mm
Minimum crimper diameter 0.1 mm
Maximum crimping force 1250N radial
Diameter accuracy +/- 0.02 mm @ 100N
Crimp speed 0.1 – 10 mm /s
Maximum pushing  / pulling force 500 N
Stent loading Manual
GUI 19” color touch panel
Control software Flexible Process Interface
Ethernet 2x
USB 4x
Required airpressure 7 bar minium
Power supply 110-240VAC / 1.2kW

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