MPT Europe BV offers a large number of manual pleat and fold solutions. The manual pleaters (PT series) can have 3,4,5,6 or even 10 blades. The systems are easy to operate and provide an accurate and cost effective way of pleating and folding balloons.

There are a number of version available and some of them can widthstand partial submerging in IPA or alcohol for cleaning. Making them suitable for DEB folding.

Lenghts vary from 60 mm to 320 mm. Optionally version can have heating or fitted with additional tensioning systems to straighten products during the pleat process.

The manual fold systems are based on the MPT Europe BV zero gap fold head systems. The system can optionally be heated to max. 90C

Manual balloon folding and balloon pleating complete kit

Manual balloon folding and balloon pleating complete kit

Technical Specification manual PT systems
Pleater bar lengths 60 mm – 320 mm
Number of pleats / folds 3,4,5,6 or 10
Maximum opening diameter 30 mm (optionally larger versions are available)
Pleating action Manual
Catheter inflation/deflation Optional IT-VP inflation tool 6 bar / -0.8 bar available
Product loading Manual, optional supports available
Product tensioning Optional (recommended >220 mm versions)
Required airpressure NA (7 bar minimum when using IT-VP inflation tool)
Power supply NA

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