MPT Europe BV has developed semi automated pleat and fold solutions.

By adding (servo) pneumatic control to the manual PT and FH solutions the already minimal operator influence on the process can further be reduced. Allowing for recipe controlled and repeatable processes.

In many cases the existing PT systems can be modified to fit onto the controlled systems providing a cost effective upgrade of the equipment.


Semi automated catheter balloon folding (MPT Europe BV)

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Technical Specification manual PT systems
Pleater bar lengths 60 mm – 320 mm
Number of pleats / folds 3,4,5,6 or 10
Maximum opening diameter 30 mm (optionally larger versions are available)
Pleating action Servo pneumatic
Catheter inflation/deflation  6 bar / -0.8 bar available
Product loading Manual
Product tensioning Optional (recommended >220 mm versions)
Required airpressure 7 bar minimum
Power supply 115-240VAC