Radial Force Measurement

The radial compression method is recommended by the FDA for radial stiffness and radial strength testing. Compared to the conventional flat plate or V-block method the results are much more realistic to the in vivo situation.

Fully automated radial force measurement systems

We provide fully automated stand alone radial force measurement systems. These measurement machines are fitted with their own load cell system and are controlled with a high precision servo motor. The PC controlled systems allow for easy measurement data export in several formats (csv, excel).

The advantage of these stand alone radial force systems are the build-in diameter calibration and force / diameter compensations. That gives an even more accurate measurement on your stents and heart valves. The systems automatically calculates the diameter / length compensated hoop force.

As with the systems intended for the tensile testers these stand alone systems can be fitted with heated and cooled blades.

The systems are made with lengths up to 300 mm.

Radial force measurement for tensile testers

Radial force measurement of a heart valve on a tensile tester

Radial force measurement of a heart valve on a tensile tester

The radial force measurement system offered uses the stent crimping head technology specially developed by MPT Europe BV for having zero gap and accurate diameter control. The radial force head can be connected to multiple available standard tensile testing machines (for example Zwick or Instron) .  Precise measurement of the forces exerted on the stent / sample can be performed.

The systems can be delivered with heated or with cooled blades.

Radial force of a stent

Radial force of a stent


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