Stent crimping machines

MPT Europe has developed stent crimping machines for all today’s stent materials.We have solutions for both balloon expandable and self-expandable stent systems.

CR-150 stent crimping machine for self expandable stents

CR-150 stent crimping machine for self expandable stents

The stent crimping systems use the MPT designed zero-gap stent crimping head technology.  The heads fully close and can be made with heated and / or cooled blades.  Depending on the requirements the systems are manual, pneumatic or servo controlled (+/- 0.01 mm) and can be made in lengths up to 300 mm length

The stent crimping heads have by design a very little relative motion to the product. That feature helps crimping stents without damaging the surfaces and has proven to be superior to other stent crimping machines.

The stent crimping heads are all coated with a very high wear low friction coating resulting in excellent wear resistance and extremely low friction on for example the nitinol stent pushing systems.


MPT Europe has developed some innovative technologies to load very long nitinol stents in the delivery systems

CR-60-HC stent crimper for biodegradable stents

CR-60-HC stent crimper for biodegradable stents

MPT Europe’s stent crimping head design is unique in it’s stiffness and uses high wear / low friction coating ensuring minimal friction with the stent surfaces. Tests have shown the friction in the heads to be similar or lower as the friction in the used delivery systems. That ensures the capability of loading long stents without issues of putting to much stress on the stent structure.

The optional servo controlled stent crimping heads calibrate automatically on both force and diameters. Automatic force compensation is implemented in the systems.

Stent crimping machines with protective foils

MPT Europe BV offers foil protected stent crimping machines. These systems are intended for DES and because of the foils prevent pollution of the crimping heads and cross-contamination of the drugs on the stents.

The unique foil routing through the MPT designed stent crimper head ensures a very limited relative motion of the foils on the DES products hence not damaging the stent coatings. The foils can be automatically fed and the used foils are collected on the waste-collector rollers.

The foils have individually tension and slack control so to put minimum loading on the stents being processed.

Stent crimping machine MPT Europe BV

CR-60-HC Stent crimping machine by MPT Europe BV

Manual stent crimper

MPT Europe also offers a small desktop manual stent crimper, as well as small pneumatic driven stent crimping machines.

manual stent crimper

manual stent crimper


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