Marker band swaging machine

We can provide you with both manual and (semi) automatic swaging machines.

The VCT-series marker band swaging is a modular design concept of swaging unit and marker band positioning / pre crimp unit.

The VCT-series marker band swaging machine has been developed for accurate and operator independent assembly and swaging of marker bands. The tool has a sophisticated vision system using a telecentric measuring lens. An LED lighting module provides an evenly distributed amount of light for the vision system to perform accurate measurements. The markerband positions and the tip end of the innerbody are measured.

The VCT-EX series marker band swaging machine handles the longer marker distances and is fitted with a modular rapid exchange pre crimping unit. This enables switching products without the need for readjusting and realigning parts.

A PLC controls the marker band swaging machine at low-level  and a PC with a touch panel allows for the operator to interface with the machine and the vision application. A number of servo motors position the individual parts within narrow specification. The machine  pre crimps the marker bands onto the inner body.

After the completion of positioning and pre crimping the thus assembled product feeds to the rotating die swaging unit. This unit will swage the marker bands into the inner body. The transport speed is accurately controlled. The product is fed all the way through the swaging unit. The operator inserts the next product before the previous product is completed doing so reducing cycle times.


marker band swaging machine

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