The CR-220-CP stent crimper is developed for crimping Nininol stents with a maximum length of 200 mm.

The crimper is pneumatically activated. A stroke limiter determines the closing diameter.

The crimper can be cooled to -15C. A protective gas environment prevents the system to freeze and the crimped products remain perfectly dry and without any ice.

The system uses the MPT Europe BV developed zero gap stent crimping technology with stainless toolsteel blades. The special coating used on these blades ensures an exceptional low friction and high-wear resistance.

Technical Specification Stent Crimping CR-220-CP
Stent crimping length 220 mm
Stent type Self expandable stents (non-DES)
Maximum crimper diameter 30 mm
Minimum crimper diameter 0 mm
Maximum crimping force 500N radial pneumatic controlled
Temperature -15C – 20C
Diameter accuracy end stroke limiter
Crimp speed pneumatic controlled
Maximum pushing force 200 N
Stent loading Manual
Control software NA
Ethernet NA
Required airpressure 7 bar minimum
Required N2 1 bar minimum
Power supply 110-240VAC / 0.8kW

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