The CR-240-SA stent crimper has a 240 mm long servo controlled stent crimping head and is developed for Nitinol stents.

CR-240-SA stent crimper

Technical Specification Stent Crimping CR-240-SA


Stent crimping length 240 mm
Stent type Self expandable stents (non-DES)
Maximum crimper diameter 35 mm
Minimum crimper diameter 0 mm
Maximum crimping force 1000N radial
Diameter accuracy  +/- 0.02 mm @ 100N
Crimp speed 0.1 – 10 mm /s
Maximum pushing force 200 N
Stent loading Manual
GUI 15.5” color touch panel
Control software Recipe based

Password levels (operator, engineer, calibrator)

Remote support option

Two integrated microscope camera’s

Ethernet 2x
USB 2x
Required airpressure 7 bar minimum
Power supply 110-240VAC / 0.8kW

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