Split mold balloon forming machine BFMS-500-S2

MPT Europe BV proudly presents their latest development in balloon forming. The BFMS-500-S2 Split Mold balloon forming machine. This machine is fitted with the very much liked Flexible Process Interface allowing the user to program endless optimizations and variations without the need for software upgrades and is designed as a split mold machine.

The molds are, as is typical for any MPT Europe BV machine design, fast exchangeable, and the cool/heat blocks can be fully automatically loaded and unloaded. Without the need for any tooling and within 10 seconds. The machine design is as always very stable resulting in a repeatable and high-yield process.

All experiences of the previous machines and the 25 year experience of a versatile and enthusiastic design team has led to this machine being a great solution for your balloon forming challenges.

For more information please contact us to discuss the options for your specific application.