CR-150 Stent Crimper for Self Expandable Stents

Stent crimping technology

Stent crimping machine for self expandable stents

The latest models of  stent crimping machines developed by MPT Europe BV (based in Leek, the Netherlands) use Compact Head Technology (CHT). With the use of this CHT the stent crimping heads are more stiff then ever. Resulting in an even better diameter control. For self expandable stent applications the stiffness of the head is one of the factors that determines the required pushing forces to get the nitinol stent in it’s delivery system.

The crimping head blades are coated with the special high-wear low-friction coating. The heads have a  unique self-supporting 8 blade zero gap design. That, together with the coatings, causes the stent friction to be very low. Tests show the friction in the crimping head to be comparable to the friction of the nitinol stent in the delivery systems. This results in lower axial forces and lower risks of buckling and damage to the nitinol stent. And that ensures a more reliable assembly process!

The stent crimping machine automatically calibrates to diameter. It also automatically compensates for loading force. These features save a lot of valuable time in the calibration process.

The heads fully close and can optionally be made with heated and/or cooled blades.  Depending on the requirements you can buy the systems with pneumatic or servo controlled (+/- 0.01 mm) heads. The heads can be made in lengths up to 300 mm length.

The heads have by design very little relative motion to the product. That feature helps crimping stents without damaging the surfaces and has proven to be superior to other stent crimping machines.

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