All energy for design and production is generated with our own solarsystems

Medical Production Technology Europe BV had its first solar panel array placed back in 2014.

That array initially covered about 70% of the total energy consumption. As the company has been growing, and new CNC machines were added to the workshop, the total energy consumption went up and the energy self sufficiency went down.

For the MPT team sustainability is very important. Hence it was decided to invest in placing more (+58%) – and more efficient (+38%) – solar panels on the MPT Europe BV building.

As of  November 1st 2019 we are covering 104% of our daily energy consumption with our own solar panels.

Charging point for electric vehicles

The future is electric. We have decided to place a charging point for electric cars so also those who visit us can come to us in a sustainable manner without worrying about the home journey!

A double plug 11kW/16A charging point is available for your car.

Materials used

Building our machines the majority of parts (approx. 90%) are constructed from aluminium.

This light but strong material is considered to be the more durable choice in construction materials and can be easily recycled. It is the most common metal on earth. Approx.8% of the earth crust contains aluminum compounds

Recycling & Waste

We recycle aluminum and other metal scraps remaining from our internal production processes. The metal chips are drained and collected for reuse.

Paper & Plastic waste is separated and collected for recycling.

Cooling liquids for the milling, turning and grinding operations are all collected and recycled.


We participate in the recycling program Bedra360.

This program setup by our EDM wire supplier recycles the cutting wire we use in our EDM process by melting it into new EDM wire without other parties beeing involved. This allows for a much more efficient way of recycling!

More information on this specific program can be found at