The BT-series split die thermal bonding machines provide trouble free production. The robust and reliable design has proven itself over the years. The thermal bonding machines are accurate in both die and product positioning hence giving perfect bonding results.

The bonding die is mounted in an interchangeable unit so it is easy to maintenance. An additional die unit makes fast switching between products possible without having to mechanically readjust dies.

It is now also possible to service the bonding dies without production loss. The thermal bonding machine are equipped with a PLC controller. An advanced temperature controller keeps the set die temperatures within close limits. The thermal bonders are fitted with a miniature color camera system and touch screen for aiding positioning and inspecting the bonded products. It gives a significant ergonomically advantage over conventional microscope systems.

There are three basic versions of the thermal bonder available. They all have multiple die cavities.

All versions can be fitted with additional air-cooling and an axial-force module for non-overlaping joints.

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