BT-N3 triple die thermal bonder for catheter production

BT-N3 thermal bonder

The MPT Europe thermal bonder is widely used for thermal bonding of thermoplastic catheter components and balloon catheters. It has proven to be very a reliable and trustworthy thermal bonding system that gives good process control and repeatable bonding results.

The BT-N3 series thermal die bonder has been developed for economical production and for R&D applications. The tool combines accuracy with the functionality of triple bonding cavities in the die set.

The triple cavities allow for three different bonding dimensions to be made without refitting the thermal bonding dies.

A quickly interchangeable unit contains the thermal dies. The unit is placed and removed within seconds. This eases maintenance, and with an additional unit,  makes fast switching between products possible without having to mechanically readjust dies.

Thermal Bonder for catheter manufacturing

Thermal Bonder for catheter manufacturing

It is now also possible to service the bonding dies without loss of production time.

The tools PLC controller and 10 inch touch panel provide easy use and stable operation. The bonding parameters are set to the pre-programmed recipe values when selecting the active bonding die cavity. The advanced temperature controller keeps the set temperature within close limits.

The tools miniature color camera system integrated into the touch screen aids positioning and inspecting the bonded product. Cross hairs assist the operator in an optimum product alignment.

Below a video demonstrating the BT-N3 triple die thermal die bonder.

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